Kisan Card Check Online Registration [Latest Update] 2024

Pakistanies farmers are considered the back bone of the nation. They are the main source to grow the various kinds of crops. They stressed on working hard day and night for their better cultivation. In this article you will learn detailed description  about the kisan card program issued by the goverment of pakistan

The Government of Pakistan (Ex-PM) Imran Khan established the Ehsas Program to reduce the poverty in pakistan. Ehsas kisan program is also the chain of this program. Pm Imran Khan announced the Kisan Card Scheme in 2021 for the purpose to give the subsidy and relaxation to the farmers in all over the Pakistan.

It is also known as the Kisan Card. Kisan Cards are given to those farmers who are registered. It is an advanced identified card launched by the Government of Pakistan for the help of the countrty by raising the nation up and demolish the corruption in agriculturer areas. It has special functions to identify the farmers with providing the agriculture and financial service.

The “Ehsaas Kisaan Program is one of many noteworthy programs. With the help of this programme, Pakistani small-scale and disadvantaged farmers will receive financial support. To assist them in covering agricultural expenses and raising their standard of living, eligible farmers who take part in this programme receive cash grants.

Aim of the Kisan Card Scheme

 The Kisan Card Scheme has aim to empowers farmers, accessibility to the resources and to improve their welfare. The card is valid to buy fertilizers and pesticides from the registered dealers at low prices against the market when they will show them their Kisan Card. Punjab’s Chief Minister said that the card will help the Government give direct subsidy to the scaled down farmers.

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Which Departments are involved in Kisan Card Scheme

There isn’t a single founder of the Pakistani Kisan Card Scheme, which was implemented by the government of Pakistan. In order to address the needs of the agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers, various departments, ministries, and policymakers typically develop and implement government policies and programmes jointly. Read Also: Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Loan

Benefits of Kisan Card

Following are beneficial features for the farmers

Insurance Policy for Crops

Crop insurance coverage, which is the subject of a contract between an insurance provider and a farmer, deserves special attention. A farmer pays a small fee to the business in exchange for the right to claim crop loss due to fire or other calamity. Access to Agricultural Credit

Farmers may be given loans or credit through the Kisan Card for agricultural purposes. Depending on the eligibility and creditworthiness of the farmer, it can make it easier for them to access financial institutions and banks to obtain credit.

Market Connections

The Kisan Card might make it easier for farmers to access agricultural markets and make connections with prospective buyers or sellers. It may make it possible for farmers to take part in government-run marketplaces or programmes that support fair trade and better produce price realisation


Identification and Authentication

Farmers can access various agricultural services and benefits by using their Kisan Card, which serves as a special identification card.


The Kisan Card Scheme has also some disadvantages like

  • The farmers are not benefited by th scheme due to live far away and are unable to avail the same benefits.
  • Effective administrative systems, infrastructure, and coordination between various government departments are nnecessary for the Kisan Card Scheme to be implemented. The smooth operation of the plan could be hampered by insufficient funding or administrative inefficiencies. 
  • The farmers who is illiterate may have difficulty with the process to get Kisan Card because specific paper work is required.
  • Farmers needs and expectations may not always be met by the actual benefits offered by the Kisan Card Scheme, such as subsidised inputs or agricultural credit. The intended benefits may be curtailed by inadequate financial resources or a delay in the distribution of subsidies.
  • It’s possible that farmers in isolated or underserved areas are not properly informed about the Kisan Card Scheme and its advantages. Low participation rates or missed opportunities for qualified farmers could be caused by insufficient awareness campaigns and outreach efforts.
  • The kisan Card has a short term financial support which is not benificial to the farmers. Long term solutions are needed.
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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria is based on the following requirments for Kisan Card

  • With holding an agricultural land according to the scheme requirments such as land size is eligible for the Kisan Card.
  • Rental farmers who have land on lease for cultivation are eligible.
  • Applicant must be active in cultivation activities. This may be proof of cultivation, income releted to farming or be must be the member of agricultural union.
  • The scheme of Kisan Card is for the citizens of Pakistan. National Identity will be required during the process.
  • Applicant has a good standing in agricultural laws and rules.
  • Person who is applying for Kisan Card must be a timely    agricultural tax payee.

How to Apply for Kisan Card

Farmers can apply for the Kisan Card registration in Punjab and Pakistan in some simple and easy steps

  • Through Kisan call center registration.
  • Registeration by Web.
  • Registration through SMS.

If you are applying online you required

  • National CNIC number
  • Full Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Picture (Passport size)
  • District
  • Tehsil
  • Residential Address
  • Arrange necessary paperwork that might be needed for the application process. Documents proving identity, land ownership or tenancy records, and other pertinent records pertaining to agriculture or income may be included.
  • Go to the specific office or department which have authority to issue the Kisan Card.
  • Fill the application form carefully. Be sure of filling an accurate and complete information. Also attatch the essential documents.
  • Put forward your application to the designated office.#
  • The process of verification will be started by the relevent authorities. your land ownership, income assesment and other factors will be verify.
  • After approving your application you will be issued Kisan Card by the designated office. It depends on the specific implementation of the scheme.


The Government of Pakistan launched the Kisan Card Scheme with the purpose to provide the farmers financial and agricultural support from which they get benefits. It is made to reduce th cost of burden on farmers to produce better products and generate the excellent trade practices. Farmers having an agricultural land or have land on lease, and a part of any other agricultural activities are valid for the scheme through an application with required documents, the farmers can apply in designated office for the Kisan Card. Check Online Sehat Card Program:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Kisan Card remain valid?

A Kisan Card may have a different validity period, but it is typically issued for a set period of time, such as one to three years.

What does the Kisan Card Scheme aim to achieve?

The Kisan Card Scheme offers farmers a variety of benefits and services, including subsidised inputs, credit facilities, insurance coverage, market connections, and direct subsidies, with the goal of helping them financially and in their agricultural endeavours.

Is the Kisan Card usable outside of my area?

The Kisan Card’s use may be subject to the scheme’s specific rules and regulations. It is best to find out the card’s limitations on use and acceptance outside of your area.